Thursday, 18 August 2011

What Is Cordyceps and How It Benefits the Health

Erratic lifestyle, hectic work schedules and stress are some of the major factors that cause health problems in people. It is therefore not uncommon to hear about youngsters falling prey to health issues such as heart problems and cholesterol at an early age. In the ancient times, Tibetan healers used herbal remedies to address health concerns. They focused on using natural ingredients to enhance the quality of life and helping people with serious ailments.

What is Cordyceps?

One of the chief ingredients used by Tibetan healers for curing a wide range of ailments and health issues was Cordyceps. This unique fungus is effective in enhancing almost every cell in the body. Today, modern science has made it possible to reproduce this rare fungus within a controlled and contamination free environment.

Cordyceps is now available as an organic extract in the form of a health supplement. This dietary supplement has been extremely effective in offering natural remedy for a host of ailments and boosting immunity. Some of the key benefits offered by this supplement include alleviation of symptoms of respiratory problems, stimulation of the immune system, regulation of cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Cordyceps also has anti ageing properties to improve physical performance and revitalize sex drive.

In traditional Chinese herbal medicine, Cordyceps sinensis has played a key role in offering natural remedy for kidney problems. Chinese healers recommended this herb to cure lung problems as well. Later, it became a key remedy for improving physical strength and boosting the immune system. Numerous research studies and thesis helped physicians to understand the key benefits of this fungus in improving vitality. These studies have revealed that this fungus not only restores normal body function but also supports the immune system and aids in maintaining blood viscosity. Today, it is known for rejuvenating the body and inhibiting the growth of different viruses.

Cordyceps for the elderly patients

Clinical research has revealed that elderly patients experiencing fatigue find it easier to rejuvenate their bodies, enhance immunity to tolerate cold temperatures, improve memory and boost their sex drive by taking Cordyceps sinensis for a month regularly. Scientific studies have found that Cordyceps boosts the immunity system by increasing the white blood cells to prevent infections and ailments. It further provides defense from respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. Since it boosts stamina, even the older people find it easier to work for longer stretches and live a better life. Studies conducted in China and Japan have revealed that Cordyceps are effective in bringing the blood sugar levels under control.

The reason why Cordyceps benefits people of all age groups is because it has essential nutrients that have multiple advantages. Essential amino acids, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Enzymes, Sterols, Calcium, Sodium, Iron and Silicon are some of the components that Cordyceps consists of. According to the experts, opting for Cordyceps extract is a better option than going for the Cordyceps powder because the former contains higher concentration of nutritional elements including amino acids, vitamins and other active chemical elements. Not surprisingly, the number of people opting for this extract is growing at a swift pace all over the world.

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